Of Croydon

This is the website of the real David Nugent. You may have heard of another David Nugent currently playing for Burnley, previously of Portsmouth, Preston and Bury. Don't be deceived by this bloke as he's an imposter. I claimed the name first and he just jumped on the bandwagon.... sound familiar? Remember his goal against Andorra...? he saw an opportunity from someone else's hard work and just tapped it over the line for glory.

This David Nugent is the one currently living in Croydon, previously of Maidstone, Kent. If you want to read about the Real David Nugent, then have a browse around, unless all you are after is that naked mobile phone self portrait picture of the Johnny Come lately David Nugent

The current web interests of the Real David Nugent:

Cheap Hotels

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Tourplan User Forum

www.tourplanforum.com is an un-official user group for users of Tourplan Tour Operator Software. If you don't use Tourplan then I'd skip this one if I were you. However, if you are a fellow user, you may mind this site more than slightly arousing. You have been warned.

Coffee Reviews

www.coffeejudge.co.uk is an irreverent coffee review site - side stepping the conventional and pretentious "coffee expert" language to tell people how it really is, for coffees you can actually buy in Tescos.